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FGA Condemns Latest Biden Administration Bullying Tactic

As states begin the process of redrawing their legislative maps following the release of the 2020 census data, the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) issued more “guidance” to local governments across the country, outlining the DOJ’s plan to review and investigate state redistricting plans and methods “to evaluate compliance” with voting rights laws.

The purpose of this guidance is to intimidate state and local governments that are not politically aligned with the current administration, as they engage in their redistricting process. Through this thinly veiled threat of prosecution for those states that redraw their districts in a manner that accounts for population changes rather than partisan considerations, the Biden administration is attempting to exert federal influence into an area it does not belong. FGA strongly condemns this politically motivated federal overreach and misuse of taxpayer resources.

“This latest DOJ guidance, like the guidance issued in July, has nothing to do with civil rights, and everything to do with power and intimidation,” according to Chase Martin, Director of Legal Affairs at FGA. “FGA stands ready to defend those states that come under attack, and we are confident that with the law and Constitution firmly on our side, we will prevail together.”


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