Fight Back Against Biden Bullying

Without question, one of the core tactics of the Obama administration was bullying. In almost every dispute, the administration forced compliance from states, preferring the stick over the carrot. Just like his old boss, we can expect Joe Biden and his team to do the same—use the power and might of the federal government to bully conservative states into subservience.

The only way to beat a bully is to fight back

FGA has experience in the states fighting the federal government. And we know how to win. Time after time, we beat the Obama bureaucrats:

<p><strong>We neutralized their threats and lawsuits and treated them like the bullying tactics they were.</strong></p>

We neutralized their threats and lawsuits and treated them like the bullying tactics they were.

<p><strong>We sent the federal officers back to Washington, D.C.</strong></p>

We sent the federal officers back to Washington, D.C.

We were able to implement the following reforms— and more—despite their bullying:

  • photos on EBT cards
  • work requirements in welfare
  • enhanced program integrity to catch fraudsters

Top Five Bullying Tactics

For years, the Obama administration waged war against welfare reforms in our states, threatening to withhold funding, filing lawsuits, and dispatching federal officers to ambush state employees.

1 Spontaneous visits by important- sounding federal bureaucrats

Agencies will plan impromptu visits to conduct inspections and interrogations of state employees.

2 New rules developed arbitrarily in D.C.

The Biden administration will jam rules and regulations through the process without giving states an opportunity to respond or prepare for their major implications.

3 Deceptive press releases to state newspapers

Biden and his cronies will send misleading data and deceptive talking points to local press to leverage additional pressure on states.

4 Informal written guidance to agencies

When the law inconveniences progressives who control federal agencies, they often interpret rules and regulations to suit their policy goals or push out distorted guidance. This creates pressure on state officials under the banner of legal requirements.

5 State employee manipulation

Federal officials will go around the proper communication channels when they expect resistance. Instead, they will reach out directly to career employees and exert their will within the department at lower levels.

It would be easy to surrender and give the Biden administration’s progressive activists what they want most: more power and control over your citizens and your state.

The only way to beat a bully is to fight back.

That’s where we come in.